Syte Architects have recently received listed building consent for internal alterations to an existing Artists Studio in St Johns Wood. The proposal consists of the insertion of a new steel mezzanine for the artist to use as a workspace which is linked to the ground floor through an integrated staircase/joinery unit. The studio at 26 Greville Road has had a long history of artists and sculptors who resided at the property and produced their work in the studio. The studio belonged to the sculptor Willi Soukop for the latter half of the twentieth century. The current owner, Benedict Pulsford, is a painter and has worked in the studio for over a decade. The proposal seeks to address the current owner’s requirement for additional studio floor space of a more specialist nature. The current artist intends to use projection as part of composing and producing his future artwork. The requirement therefore exists for a separate space in which to undertake this work. This proposal looks at inserting an installation consisting of a large storage unit and an open mezzanine into the main studio to fulfil these requirements.

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In the immediate aftermath of the Second World War one of Britain’s primary concerns was dealing with an acute housing shortage. The scale of the problem saw the widespread adoption of modernist solutions for high-rise living, often designed and built by Local Authorities. The architectural practice of Eric Lyons undertook a significant amount of housing work for the public sector at this time. But Lyons was also responsible for a series of housing schemes where his name as architect remains synonymous with that of his developer client.



Corner Green Facade


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