Travel Blog: Copenhagen Bagsværd Church by Jorn Utzon

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Recently took the opportunity to visit the Bagsværd church in Copenhagen by Jorn Utzon.  An austere and orthogonal exterior conceals an interior of soft, white concrete curves. Controlling the admission of daylight into the interior was a key concern for Utzon. Natural light is admitted through a clerestorey at the high point of the roof and… Read more »

Magazine Feature

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Comments made by Syte Director Oliver Barsoum about adding value to your home featured in the April edition magazine Living etc.

Milman Road: Construction Update 7

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Glazing elements have been fitted by Compass Glass and kitchen furniture pieces are being installed. Careful detailing of components such as secret gutters, thinness of walls, glazing with black powder aluminium coating, gives this new added part of the house a contemporary distinction against the Victorian dwelling.

Greville Road Studio: Completed

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The internal refurbishment at Greville Road Studios is now complete! The studio contains a giant bespoke storage unit with an integrated staircase to the mezzanine. The module of the storage unit is derived from the staircase tread lengths.